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Pretty much just a plain Jane app. Nothing really to wow me. Always displays blank forecasts. Have to reboot the app to see the forecast. When I hit play on the radar to see it in motion, the map goes blank.

Nice, but one major flaw

I like the WRAL weather app, and use it frequently. The information and various maps (both static and up to 8-hour moving history) are very good. The one (huge) drawback? If you allow it to use location services, location services stays on 24/7, not just when the app is open. Unforgivable, both from a privacy viewpoint and from a battery life viewpoint.

Obtrusive ads make it unusable

The type and frequency of ads just keep getting worse and worse. I know you guys have to make a buck, but man. Id pay for a subscription to get rid of this. At least on the desktop I can use AdBlock software. Use another stations app

WRAL Weather App Is Better

I really like the updated app now. I like it pinpoints your location. Its a good app and hope it stays good. Thank you WRAL.

Performance, hourly all bad

The radar gets stuck after pushing to review the history, runs for maybe 5 seconds then stops...dont blame my internet. Hourly is just lazy pulling from your internet format, the old app was actually mobile, this version not so much.


This version acts like a Beta version, still in development and testing. It crashes constantly, and puts up icons that cannot be deleted.

New Version

The new version, out 5/30/15 is HORRIBLE! Why did they mess with a good thing? The old version was detailed and user friendly. This new one is TERRIBLE and doesnt offer all the info the older version did. Time to look for a better weather app!

New App not good

If you were looking to look like Yahoo Weather, that was my first impression but yet you provided less useful visual information. The hourly slide is useless if one wanted to view the progression of the day in one view like Yahoo and the old app. I find I am clicking to get to the same information that use to take less clicks.


Will not waste my time talking about this piece of crap which replaced a really good app. Going to find an app that is half way decent!

Hate the new version!

What happened to the 7-day high/low temperature graph? The new hourly conditions slider is awful. I liked the previous version where you could scroll top to bottom through the hourly conditions. It makes it easier to plan your day when you can see all the information at once instead of having to slide back and forth. The radar features were far superior in the old app!

Huge disappointment

This app is a gigantic step backwards both functionally and aesthetically. The drop downs and slider bars are counter-intuitive compared to previous swipe functionality, the UI is horribly inconsistent, and its unclear where some features have gone.

Ruined the app

You guys took a nice simple app that I used everyday and made it worthless and annoying. Please put it back the way it was.

Please replace it

This new App is a regression. Audio doesnt work. Cant rotate the phone. Too bad.

Major disappointment for an "upgrade."

Took most if not all of the useful features and either buried them in the application or removed them completely. A lot of information that was available at a glance now requires manipulation of a slider. Why would anyone using a LOCAL weather app want the maps zoomed out so far. Horrible step backwards for the UI. Im in search of a new weather app. This one stinks.

Love the new app

Clean design and easy to navigate. Love it!

Dont bother

Its a waste of time. They "improved" something that didnt need to be improved upon.

Thumbs down

I really really liked the old version this version gets a thumbs down!!! Radar doesnt pull up and isnt easy to use!

Bad update

Old app way better and easier to use than new one. Old radar feature, current weather conditions and 7 day forecast were much much better and easier to use than new. I used this app every morning & if it doesnt go back to how it was I will delete. Always liked WRAL weather app until now.

Please bring back prior version

What happened to the Hourly temps with one touch? Now its a slide in 4-5 hour blocks!!. NOT HELPFUL!! And the format of Forecast Details in huge font. I dont want to have to scale down just to read more than a sentence or two each time I use this feature. I only used it once before I knew I had to write my first review ever. I guess Ill have to go back to using the Weather Channel app... And I really liked this app before this update...

New update is horrible!

This new version is not user friendly at all! I used this app many times a day to check hourly forecast, and the county-specific radar views. This new version took all of that and made it more difficult to see! You just lost a regular user with this update!

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